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GSK Bioelectronics R&D

Creating medicines that speak the electrical language of the body

Creating medicines that speak the electrical language of the body

In parallel with molecular control, the nervous system and its electrical signals is a fundamental axis of regulation in our bodies, with nerves connecting to virtually every organ. Technological advances have brought us to the cusp of being able to tap into the nerves that control organs. By doing so, we hope to intelligently modulate disease states using bioelectronic, in addition to molecular, medicines.

Our vision for bioelectronic medicines is one of miniature, implantable devices that can be attached to individual peripheral nerves anywhere in the viscera. Such devices would be able to decipher and modulate neural signalling patterns, bringing about therapeutic effects targeted at single functions of specific organs. This precision targeting would be further enhanced by bioelectronic medicines operating in a “closed-loop” fashion: that is, recording neural electrical activity plus associated physiological parameters, analysing this combined data in real time and modulating the neural signalling accordingly.

GSK is committed to catalysing this new field of research in several ways. For example, we operate an exploratory research funding program; we have established a $50 million venture arm dedicated to technology and early bioelectronic treatment manifestations and we are now running an innovation challenge focussed on rapidly bringing visceral nerve research platforms to the community.

The Innovation Challenge

The goal of this challenge is to advance research into bioelectronic medicines by addressing the broad need to interrogate neural signals in visceral nerves. The challenge will entail the generation of a miniaturized, implantable wireless device that can chronically record, stimulate and block functionally specific neural signals to and from a single visceral organ over a 60 a day period. The first team to demonstrate full functionality of their device according to specified criteria will be awarded a US$1 million prize.

Could you design a platform that will unravel functionally specific neural signals to and from a single visceral organ?

Do you want to be part of this exciting journey into uncharted territory?

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